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Country Vocals Lessons: Spirit - Yoga for Singers - Flow Series

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This is a short
simple flow series.
Where we put a few of these poses
together, one after the other,
in a short series that lets you get
your heart rate up a little bit,
flow from one pose right into another,
maybe five minutes.
You can do these sets
of poses in this order.
You can change it up.
You can add things.
You can take out things.
But this is a series that I do if I
only have a handful of minutes and
I just wanna get my whole body alert and
my mind focused.
And just kind of prep for the day,
I'll do this first thing in the morning.
Very frequently this will be the prep for
the day that I do in
the morning when I get up.
Or it will be something that I
do before I go into a rehearsal,
where I know I need stamina and
I need focus and attention.
This is a series of just a handful of
poses going from one into another.
So for
this you would start in mountain pose.
We're gonna do a series that
includes mountain pose into
a forward fold,
into downward dog into a plank.
Which is a transition between downward
dog right into upward facing dog, and
then back into a forward fold and back
into mountain, and we'll continue that.
We'll do three or four of those series,
one after another.
So starting in mountain pose
feet parallel, base nice and
strong, tailbone tucked, legs engaged,
knees pointing forward,
shoulders back and relaxed.
Nice and relaxed everywhere,
through your face.
Make sure that you're not carrying
tension anywhere in your body.
And we're gonna inhale.
Slight backbend into a forward
fold into downward dog.
Into a plank and
then dropping down into, Upward dog.
Pressing those hips to the floor.
Back into downward dog.
And back into forward fold, and slowly
bringing it up one vertebrae at a time.
Resting in mountain, two big breaths.
On the next inhale we'll start again.
Forward fold.
Downward dog.
You can keep your feet nice and
wide, just to keep it nice and
gentle or if you want a little
more of a challenge you can put
your feet a little closer together.
Back nice and flat,
pushing those arms forward and
those shins back towards the wall.
Plank, upward dog, legs nice and
strong and straight.
Fully engaged, back into downward dog.
Stepping feet forward, forward fold.
Up one vertebra at a time and
a couple of big deep breaths.
Next inhale up.
Forward fold, downward dog.
Arms nice and straight.
Shoulders, descending down
your spine into plank,
drop it into upward dog.
Breathe, downward dog.
Make sure your head's nice and
relaxed, shake it loose.
Step forward.
Shoulders back, let's do one more.
Next inhale we'll start again.
Forward fold.
Downward dog.
Plank, shoulders right above the wrist and
dropping into upward dog.
Shoulders down, going away from your ears.
Back into downward dog.
Step forward, hang here for just a minute
and rest with a couple of deep breaths.
And slowly up one vertebrae at a time.
And rotate those shoulder blades back,
good job.