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Country Vocals Lessons: Body - Core Strength - Plank and Shoulder Taps

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The plank position which you do in yoga,
and which we're gonna do
an exercise with here,
is a great core strengthener,
you can do it anywhere,
you don't need a stability ball,
you can drop and
do a plank anywhere, [LAUGH] anytime and
just engage that core,
really feel it and strengthen it
with just a few seconds of plank.
Plank, you wanna have your hands,
comfortably shoulder width apart.
I like to spread my hands really wide and
point my index fingers forward just like
I do in yoga poses and
have my shoulders right above wrists.
So I've got a nice, strong solid base and
stay centered between my hands.
And then from all force and a neutral
back, where you're just nice and relaxed,
you extend your legs with
your feet just a hip width.
Apart or a little narrower.
This position right here where
you're tightening your core,
you wanna tighten your abdominal muscles.
Tilt your pelvis slightly forward
just like you do in Mountain Pose.
That further engages your core.
Just maintaining [SOUND] this position.
[SOUND] It's a great workout right there.
If you wanna deep in it,
you can balance one hand at a time and
touch your alternating,
[SOUND] alternating shoulder.
Just a few seconds of this, you feel it.
You wanna make sure you're not
putting your butt up in the air and
you're not dropping down like this.
You just wanna maintain at nice,
straight, board plank position.
And then drop your knees to get out and
You can also use the stability ball, and
this is a killer, I got this from a P90X
workout that I was doing with a friend,
and I find it to be the deepest core
burn of any exercise I've ever done.
On your knees, you wanna balance
your forearms on the ball,
so that you got a nice solid
connection with the ball.
And then you go into your plank position,
keeping your feet wide enough apart
that you can maintain good balance,
so that you're not sticking
your butt up or dropping down.
Just keeping it nice, straight plank and
then [SOUND] just gently rotate
[SOUND] the ball in one direction.
Then the other direction.
[SOUND] Swing with how big and
how small those rotations are.
[SOUND] The wider you get,
[SOUND] the more burn
you'll feel and a wider area of your core.
You can also play with getting
a little more on top of the ball,
and doing little teeny-tiny,
quick [SOUND] rolls.
[SOUND] Plank exercises
on a stability ball.
Crush your core.