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Country Vocals Lessons: Body - Core Strength - Bridge and Heel Dig

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This exercise combines two
actions that both really build core
strength using the stability ball.
You start on the floor lying flat on
your back with your legs straight and
your heels propped up on the ball
with your toes pointing up.
Retuck your shoulder blades underneath
on both sides underneath your back.
And then turn your hands over and
press them into the floor.
From here you're gonna raise your hips,
elevate your hips to form a bridge,
a plank, a straight line with
your hips up in the air.
So that you have a plank formed
with your body balancing.
This action right here
is a great core workout.
Just the act of balancing your body
on this moving, rolling object.
As you are maintaining your
balance you're working your core.
You can feel your core muscles
engage just in the act of
maintaining this posture right here.
To deepen the workout,
you can go from making this plank
to tightening your glut muscles
keeping you legs nice and firm.
Your upper legs, thighs nice and solid.
And keeping
your upper body straight in a nice,
straight line,
you're going to dig your heels into
the ball and bring the ball in.
You wanna keep your heels in contact
with the ball and your toes pointing up.
So you, we'll, actually bring
the ball in a little closer [COUGH].
Straighten out.
You see that your shins are kinda
resting on the ball now, and
your toes are pointing straight up.
Your heels are not necessarily
even touching the ball here,
but you're keeping that nice solid plank.
This is the action.
So you pull it in, and push it out.
Maintaining that nice, don't let your,
don't let it sag down.
You wanna keep that nice elevated plank,
nice and solid.
In and out.
It's all about control.
And you're keeping your glutes tight, and
your thighs tight, so
that every big muscle group is engaged.
Inhaling, and exhaling with each.
Start with eight or ten of those.
See if you can build on that.
And gently lower yourself back down,
protecting your lower back and
give yourself a chance to rest.