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Country Vocals Lessons: Body - Core Strength - V-Pass

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This exercise you do with
a stability ball on the floor.
And you just lie comfortably
flat on your back.
Kind of tuck your shoulder blades
underneath you with your palms facing up.
That helps give you a nice open chest.
And you can just take a breath
here on the floor and relax.
You want your stability ball
to be within hand's reach.
And you're gonna grasp it with both hands,
you're gonna lift the ball up as you
lift your legs together, like this.
But you're gonna separate your feet
wide enough to grab the ball and
then lower the ball.
[SOUND] Nice and slow.
[SOUND] Bring it back up and
just pass it back and forth, like that.
You want to always keep your
your tailbone just ever so
slightly rotated up,
just like you do in mountain pose,
where your pelvis is
just slightly rotated up.
That helps press your lower back
a little deeper into the mat,
into the ground, and
protects your lower back.
So keeping your legs straight and
your arms straight, but
keeping your shoulders tucked
under your back and relaxed,
we're gonna to do a few
pass throughs very slowly.
The more slowly you lower your legs,
the more work you're doing with your core.
And just continue to slowly,
this is not about speed
it's about control.
Inhaling as you lift
the ball over your head.
[SOUND] Exhaling as you
put it in your feet.
[SOUND] So we do a series of eight or
ten of those, and build from there.