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Country Vocals Lessons: Congratulations - Level 3 Completed

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Country Vocals

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Excellent work.
Congratulations on completing level three
of the ArtistWorks country vocal course.
You have covered a lot
of high level info and
I'm really proud of all
the work that you're doing.
I hope that you will continue on.
You've gained some really great skills,
techniques, vocally and
also now a lot of great information
about deepening your emotional
experience of a song so that you
can share that with your listener.
You've gone into the studio,
learned a little bit about approaching
that environment as a singer,
doing really great work.
If you have any specific
questions on a particular topic,
you can submit them to me in a video so
that I can give you direct feedback.
Or you can go to the forums and
you can post questions there,
and get not only answers from me, but
probably some good information and
tips from other students and really
expand your community of information
sharing with other
students from the school.
You may even have some tips and
thoughts on ideas that are good and
would be helpful to
other students yourself.
So the forums are a great
place to visit and
share information with the wider
community here at ArtistWorks.
You've really done a lot of great work.
We are ready to go up to the next level,
level four.
A lot of really high level
work we're gonna do there.
And I am proud of where you are and
looking forward to taking it up a notch.