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Country Vocals Lessons: Country Star

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Country Vocals

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Welcome to level three,
advanced focal,
I call it Country Star.
You have done a lot great work,
made a lot of serious effort, and
made a lot of serious growth.
You should feel really good
about the work that you've done.
And where you're headed.
In this level, we're gonna be building
on key concepts that we have learned and
practiced in levels 1 and 2, so
you're gonna wanna make sure that
you've a good facility,
a good familiarity with basic scales,
the Nashville number system,
and key techniques.
We're gonna be using a lot of
the terminology that we're now
hopefully familiar with.
Different vocal techniques like bends and
scoops and messa di voce,
and straight tone, vibrato.
So the vocabulary and the key concepts
that we've covered in level one and
level two, you want to make sure
you've got those familiar to you,
cuz we're gonna build on
those here in level three.
We're going to work with players,
we're gonna work with an accompanist.
So we want to be able to communicate with
our musicians in terms of our charts,
so we want to make sure that we're
familiar with the Nashville number system.
So just make sure that you're
refreshed on these key ideas and
points from levels one and two.
And then we're gonna rock
on through level three.
Expanding our range.
Choosing material for
your particular voice, so
that you really come to know and are able
to show off your unique strengths.
And we're gonna talk about archetypes and
and look at the professional
approach of being a singer,
making money,
making a living as a professional singer.
We are going to kick off this level with
a video submission using all the great
breathing and warm up skills that
you've now got in your practice.
And using some of the cool tricks that
you've got in your tool belt now.
The techniques and
skills that you are learning to
master in your singer's tool belt.
And we've got backing tracks for a couple
of songs in a couple of different keys.
With guide vocals for
you to learn the song if you're
not familiar with it already.
Or you can submit your song of your
choice using your own backing track,
accompanying yourself, or
even singing acapella.
As long as you've got a good,
strong pitch reference, so
that we can continue to work on things
like accurate pitch and tuning.
Let's kick off level three with a song.
Submit your song of your choice and
we'll work on
some feedback and
be ready to approach level three.