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Country Vocals Lessons: Body - Core Strength - Diagram of the Breathing System

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Welcome to Nashville,
yes, we have taken a slight
change of scenery here.
We are now in my recording
studio in Nashville, Tennessee.
We are tucked up in the Tennessee hills,
we're surrounded by woods,
we call our studio The Holler.
Because we literally are tucked
back in the back of a holler, or
just like Butcher Holler
in the Loretta Lynn songs.
So we're gonna do some workout here.
We're eventually gonna get to singing
on the microphone's here in the studio.
And working with players
here in the studio.
And the higher levels.
But this first lesson we're
gonna focus on Core strength.
We are talking about keeping our physical
instrument healthy and in great shape.
Because as singer's our
instrument is our body.
And not just this part of our
instrument we're talking about
keeping our whole body healthy and
in really good shape.
A key piece to being a strong singer,
a singer who can execute
anything they wanna execute
without having to think about it,
a key piece of that is having
good core strength, and
that's this set of musculature here.
Your abdominals, and
we're gonna work on some exercises
that help you build core strength.
If you look at this diagram
of your breathing apparatus,
you'll see that all of these big muscles
like your diaphragm that goes underneath
your rib cage here Intercostal muscles.
All of those are parts of
your breathing apparatus, but
your core,
helps to control that breathing apparatus.
Your core muscles, you abdominals and
even into your glutes, your legs,
your back muscles,
all of this musculature helps you control
your air flow and as singers,
that is our fuel air is fuel.
So we're gonna do some exercises that
will help you, just a few minutes a day,
a few minutes every other day, help you
gain and sustain good core strength.