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Country Vocals Lessons: Chords & Intervals - Major Triads

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You are doing great work
developing your mental and
intellectual aspect as a singer and
a vocalist, very good work.
And we're gonna continue that right
now with a couple of lessons that
explore chords and intervals.
We have talked about them,
we have used them.
And now we are literally
going to spell them out so
that you can identify them on a keyboard.
And you can also train your ears to hear
them and identify them just by listening.
So we're gonna start building what
are called major triads, or major chords.
They're called triads,
because they are three note chords.
One two three.
So we're gonna start in the key of C.
And we're gonna build a major C chord,
a major C triad, or three note chord.
We build a major triad by
starting with the root or
the one of the scale, which is the C.
And the five, one, two, three, four,
five which is the note G in the key of C.
So we start with the root and the fifth.
And then we fill in the middle
with what's called a major third.
That means an interval that is one,
two, three,
four half steps or a major third [SOUND].
So here's the one, two, three,
and the four, five.
The first, the third, and
the fifth note of the scale.
[SOUND] That's what makes a major triad.
One, three, five.
It's major because that
third falls in major scale
That's a major triad.
So we just build a major triad on
the middle C, so that's a C major.
Now we're gonna build a major
triad on an F, C, D, E, F.
What do we look for first?
We look for the fifth note,
one, two, three, four, five.
So we have the F and the C, and
we're gonna fill it in with
a major third in the middle.
So F, G, A is the major third above F.
[SOUND] One, three, five.
That's an F major chord.
[SOUND] Here's the C major.
C, E, G.
Here's the F major.
F, A, C.
Now we're gonna build a G major chord.
So here's the root, G.
Where's the fifth?
One, two, three, four, five, that's the D.
We have the root and the fifth.
Now that we're gonna fill it
in with that major third.
One, two, three.
So we have G, E, and D.
That's a G-major chord.
C-major, F-major, G-major.
You can already play a bunch of
songs with those three chords.
You'll be a big
hit at parties.