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Country Vocals Lessons: Chords & Intervals - Extensions

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So finally I just wanna touch on
some really interesting colors to add
to chords that are called extensions.
And they are notes that
are added to a triad or
seventh chord that go even
into the next octave,
adding new notes on top of to get
even more interesting colors.
So we're gonna build a C triad.
C, E, G.
We're going to build a major 7 on
top of that, so that's a C major 7.
And then we're gonna add,
here's 8 tones above the root.
Here's 9 tones above the root.
So that's an octave above
the 2 from our original root.
D is our original 2, 1,
2, 3, there's the third,
the fifth, the 7th, major 7th.
Now we're gonna add.
That just gives a nice thicker,
more interesting, more complex color
added on top of that C Major 7 cord.
Here's what it sounded like in F.
Root 3rd, 5th, major 7, 9.
They call that the nine because
it's the ninth tone of the F scale.
That's eight, or the octave.
And there's the nine.
another color that's often used in pop,
not so much in country music,
keep things pretty simple
in country music, triads.
Maybe a dominant seventh,
or a seventh cord.
But extensions would be very commonly
used in pop and jazz, especially.
Here's the 11.
Now we're getting really complex.
It's like building another
minor triad above,
This major triad.
It's like a major triad
in the bottom half and
a minor triad on top of that so,
That's adding the 9 and the 11.
All kinds of interesting
colors you can play.
Here is a B flat a major triad.
Major 7, 9, and here's the
that's the 11.
So just mess around with
building triads and seventh chords,
suspending the third to the four or
the two,
and then building beautiful chords.
With extensions like the nine.
And the 11.