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This week's Featured Video is from AndrewF playing Here, There, and Everywhere

Hi Dan, Sorry my show in Toronto had to be cancelled. Toronto airport was closed due to the severe ice storm. You've been having some bad weather in Ontario! Hugh's Room are going to reschedule my show for later this year. I hope to see you then in a more sunny Toronto!

Hey Jim, nice duet !

Martin - Looking forward to seeing you perform Sunday in Toronto. Dan Greenwood

Ukulele Instructors Craig & Sarah are going live in < 1 hour. Tune in here:

Jim, great playing on featured video 'Midnight Blue'!


Just a reminder to any guitar players here on ArtistWorks that I'm going to be playing some North America solo shows in NY, NJ, and Toronto next week. You can find the dates here or on my website Please come along and say i if I'm in a city near you!

Nice job, Francois. Earl has some nice versions of popular tunes. He has a tasty rendition of Hotel California out there which I really like a lot.

This song comes from the album Earl Klugh Trio, Volume 1 : a magnificent record. If you like the theme, it is interesting to listen to the original version, for orchestra to measure the arrangement work !

Francois, that’s so beautiful- so inspiring to play better

nicely played Francios..

Thanks !

I got my first hollow body jazz guitar today. I love her.

Beautifully played Francois! Great sound from the Tele too!

That was really nice Francois ("Love Theme From Spartacus"). I liked it a lot.

New Featured Student Video from Francois Fauvet.... Don't forget to post a peformance video onto your profile page if you'd like to be Featured Student Video!

I wish i could stop my playing from being so choppy. so know the notes and chords but still....

Thanks 'jazzmac' Ulf and I had a great tour, and it was very nice for me to play a local gig!

Just going through the computer and a Dennis Marshall pre amp like Martin uses.......thanks for the kind words.

Nice playing Dan , great sound what amp were you using?

oops...the Joya.....

oops....the BEST!!!

Not only is the bet guitar I've ever owned,it is also the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned.

Thanks,mikey123 and PaulD....I appreciate your kind remarks.....thanks again!!!!!

lovely plyaing make it look so easy and relaxed..

Beautifulplaying Dan! The Joya sounds gorgeous. I got a chance to play Martin'sat the Benicia retreat and it was the nicest guitar I'd ever played.

as our mentor.Not only becausehe is a great guitar player,but a wonderful person as well.

Thanks,Matt,we are so fortunate to have Martin s our mentor.

Hey Dan, lovely playing, and that guitar sounds great

middle of the front row in Stirling on Friday,fantastic show with yourself and Ulf...

Thanks,Martin.......stay well!!!~

New Featured Student Video from Dan Mitchell playing 'Just Friends' on his new 'Martin Taylor Joya' guitar. Sounding great Dan!

Thanks Colin. We had a great tour. Every show sold out... except Wigan!

Peter Erskine, our Jazz Drums instructor, is live on Facebook now:

Great gig last night in Wigan Martin. Loved Ulf's playing. Real class, especially the microphone scratching technique!

oh THANKS , i m so old fashioned !!! with info

Perault, if you click on the fair hair child lesson in learn by playing tunes you will see a link above the video called study materials, if you click that the link to the PDF is shown

how can i download the PDF about your FAIR HAIRED CHILD ?

Hi Martin

Hi Martin, good luck on the tour! Wish I was coming to Ronnie Scotts, but I will be tbere next Sunday at Selby Town Hall, can't wait.

Hi All! We will be hosting an ArtistWorks Live event with Electric Country Guitar instructor, Guthrie Trapp, a week from today! Tune in next Monday (3/5) at noon PST for a chance to win 3 free months at ArtistWorks!

We're encouraging all students to cash in on free time here at ArtistWorks. Refer a friend to AW and you BOTH get a free month studying music in an awesome online community. A month!

Thanks Todd. I'm getting better but sill not quite back to 100%. I managed to film some responses today.

Welcome back Martin!

Thanks Dave. It was another person's arrange. I wish I can do it by my self. That's why I learn guitar from this site. Anyway, I'm going to keep sending video sometime. I hope everybody enjoy it.

Yoshiaki - Great tune and great playing. Loved it!

This weeks Featured Student Video is Yoshiaki playing Red Sweet Pea.

I'm back in the studio today filming responses. I've been unable to film responses for the past few weeks due to a respiratory infection, but did manage to respond by text to several video submissions. I've also filmed a new Monthly Message today with a few tips. It's good to be back!

David, you’re a legend a good fun featured video. I'm heading for the Yorkshire coast for filming at the moment,brrrr. Looking forward to a catch up at Martin and Ulf’s concert I Selby this time next month

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