Martin Taylor Guitar Lessons Reviews


martin taylor guitar lessons review

"Whether you've just been playing for a short time or you're a seasoned professional, there's something that you're going to learn here for sure. What I like about it is that I started seeing results right away in my playing. I can't tell you enough about how great this is. He'll work with you no matter what level you are."  - Bob the Guitar Doctor 


martin taylor guitar academy review"It's really the best format I've run across…anywhere. It's the next best thing as sitting in the same room with [Martin]."

 - Kent Gunderson 


"I am getting a lot out of Martin Taylor's guitar school. I'm not very active as far as uploading videos (laziness) but I study Martin's lessons and critiques and practice his method every day. I've played guitar since the 1966 and have taken lessons from a few excellent teachers. Martin's instruction is taking me to a level of understanding I never thought I would reach. Thanks to all at ArtistWorks and of course to Martin for making this possible."

- Larry Mazzocco


"I'm always amazed how Martin stays on top of submissions from students, no big time lapses from student submission to Martin response, no excuses for his grueling travel schedule. I'm so impressed by how Martin is so honestly involved, never projecting any sort of condescension.  He never seems to come off saying 'that's great' in a fake way...a true gentleman :-)"

- Robert


"I'm a daily visitor of the Fingerstyle Guitar School with Martin Taylor Taylor. Don't be intimated. His lessons (which Martin calls ' the curriculum' ) start rather simple with simple harmonization in tenths and sevenths. His main style is to use moveable lines instead of block chords. Sometimes it comes very close to classical music with interweving lines. There are also some players who play a classical guitar. Right from the start Martin encourages you to make your own little arrangements and the atmosphere is very relaxed with some very good players and also a lot of players who are new to fingerstyle guitar. In 2 years I've learned more than in the ten years before I joined. Highly recommended!"  

- Dutch Courage


"I just want to say thank you for your wonderful website.  You are an inspiring musician and an amazing teacher. Your lessons have taught me so very much and I thank you.  Your interviews are great too.  You really have a knack for helping people." 

- Francesco