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Cello Lessons: Write a Tune in D Minor Pentatonic

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We've learned two tunes in
D pentatonic minor, already.
Cluck, Old Hen that is very rhythmic,
and Yanguan which is very melodic.
I want to challenge you
to write your own tune,
using the notes in D pentatonic minor.
Again, all I really am asking you to do
is improvise until you find a phrase or
a riff or even just two notes that
you like the way that you play them.
And they're worth repeating.
If you have a couple riffs or
a couple phrases.
That's all we need for
a whole composition.
So I'm going to try and
improvise a tune in D Pentatonic Minor.
I'll play it with the drone, so
I really get into the feeling of it.
I'll start with a melodic piece,
kind of similar to Yanguan.
Now I'll
try one more
tune that's
a little more
You could write it while playing
along with the metronome or
you could just keep it with the drone.
If you wanna play at your own tempo.
But let me try a couple riffs, and
let's see how a tune might
sound in D pentatonic minor.
You'll hear
a lot of similarity
between what I
just composed and
the melodies that
you've just learned.
And that's totally fine,
to steal some phrases or
to just change them slightly
to make them your own.
Looking forward to hearing your
compositions in D Pentatonic Minor.