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Cello Lessons: Write a Tune in D Minor

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Now that we've learned how to improvise
in D minor, it's time for
us to write a tune.
Now you should have already done this for
D major, so
this should be a process that you're
starting to feel comfortable with but
you can think of it as just
improvising something.
A bunch of times until you
feel like it's worth keeping.
It doesn't have to be ten minutes long.
It can be just one phrase that you think
is good enough to play more than once.
That's a composition right there.
So, why don't I demonstrate.
I'm gonna come up with
maybe a slow melody.
Using the notes in D minor.
All I'm
really doing
is going up
the scale in
various ways,
going up and
down the scale.
And you can create a melodic
shape to your composition.
So I'm looking forward to seeing and
hearing your composition in D minor.
Feel free to make it as short or
as long as you want.
And if you get inspired,
you can even make a couple different ones.