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Cello Lessons: Write a Tune in G

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We've explored G major and
G pentatonic minor.
And we even saw for
the first time in Blackbird,
that a single melody can actually
contain more than one type of scale.
So I want you to try and
compose a tune now, with two sections.
I want the first section
to be in G major and
actually I want the whole second
section to be in G pentatonic minor.
It will give the tune a very
interesting shape, and
I think you'll enjoy
exploring both scales.
Let me try and demonstrate just
a simple tune I'll compose on the spot,
just to sort of juxtapose these
two sound worlds of major and
pentatonic minor, so
the A section will be in major.
repeat it.
B section
in minor.
to the A
I can't remember exactly
what I was playing for the A section.
But you can hear how there's a lot of
possibilities when you start to juxtapose
the sounds of two different scales.
Really look forward to hearing your
composition, in both types of G.