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Cello Lessons: F Major - Improvisation

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Each scale we learn is gonna give us
different possibilities on
the cello when we're improvising.
F major is particularly good,
because we've got a low C
as the fifth scale degree.
[SOUND] And we can walk up to a root there
and also our open A string is the third.
that's a really nice
resonant note to have.
A lot of the stuff that we've been
doing for all of the other scales,
I would want to repeat to you as
the best ways to get to know F major.
Improvising freely over a drone,
just exploring the sound of the intervals.
But also, organizing that practice
with the guide tone improvisation.
Focusing on one interval at a time.
We can also do some rhythmic work with the
metronome, trying to play our Run Jimmys
or our three three twos, or
our Chugga Chuggas, or 16th notes.
Or you can even explore
with other rhythms.
And for right now, the one thing I
wanna demonstrate for you is something
we've been working on with lullaby
which was creating long phrases.
How can we improvise a melody
that looks really far.
Rather than just creating short
little riffs, can we like yeah,
can we make a really long arc?
In order to do that, we're gonna have
to probably have smooth bow changes and
be really intentional about our
crescendos and our dae crescendos.
And our vibrato can match what our bow
is doing by speeding up or slowing down.
I'll put on the drone and I'll try and
improvise some slow, long melodic phrases.
addition to
really long
just playing
a really
long scale
If you cover a wide range in a phrase,
that'll get what we're after too.
So explore this experiment, see what
kind of phrases you can come up with.
And if you can try and
make them as long and
as expansive as possible
when you're improvising.
Can't wait to hear it in
your video submission.