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Cello Lessons: Chopping: Groove Creation

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One of the best ways to develop
new chopping techniques and
new feel is to try and recreate like
a pop band or a funk band or a rock band.
Recreate the feel of an entire
band with a chop pattern.
Breaking down when are the lower notes,
when are the higher notes,
when is the snare hitting.
And you know, you might end up with like
[SOUND], maybe with like a groove.
I don't know what song that's from, but
that's like an unusual feel that
maybe isn't totally obvious.
But by drawing particularly
from pop music,
you can start to really explore new
feelings in your groove patterns.
One of the best fiddle choppers in
the world, Casey Driessen, he talks a lot
about how he specifically went through
a whole bunch of Stevie Wonder songs and
tried to create those
funk-pop beats on the fiddle.
And it'll get you thinking about how
to combine different voicings of chords
on top of your rhythmic patterns, in order
to really bring out like the energy and
feel of a full pop band with
just your string instrument.
So the assignment for this video is
I want to you to pick a pop song that
you love funk, rock, pop, whatever,
any groove based music really.
And I want to see if just
by ear from the recording
you can recreate the chop pattern
that really brings the song to life.
And you'll have to learn the chords for
If you're having trouble with a song, feel
free to submit a video with what you have
and say the song you're working on and
I can help you re-create this chop groove.
And this will be a really great way you
could submit different songs over time.
And just keep exploring how to take
the whole world of rhythmic music that's
out there, and figuring out how to start
applying it to our string instruments.
So that is your assignment.
Pick one of your favorite songs and
see if using chops and
chords you can recreate a full band
with drums and bass and guitar.