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Cello Lessons: Imitating Vocal Phrasing

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Tennessee Waltz is a great tune
that has transcended just
the world of BlueGrass.
A lot of Jazz and Pop and
Blues singers will sing this song.
And because it has such
a strong vocal tradition.
We wanna draw on the vocal
phrasing as much as we can
when we play this beautiful melody.
So let me sing to you this song.
The words are obviously key to
the expression of the song.
And we'll use these words to sort
of influence how we play the tune.
So it goes
like this.
I was dancing, with my darling,
to the Tennessee waltz when
an old friend I happened to see,
I introduced him to my loved one and
while they were dancing,my friend
stole my sweetheart from me,
man, every time, I remember the night and
the Tennessee waltz,
now I know how just much
I have lost yes I lost my
little darling the night
they were playing
the beautiful Tennessee waltz.
The way that you're just gonna say
those words naturally.
I was waltzing with my darling the night
they were playing,
These subtle vocal changes that you would
naturally do because we all
naturally speak like that.
We want to draw on that organic
variety with our rhythm.
So I taught you a very sort
of straight ahead version
that was kinda repetitive rhythmically.
But we want to kinda
endlessly vary that.
As we were playing this like a singer.
So let me demonstrate.
a little bit
So you can see like I can
delay notes, do notes
in different places,
and that's a key part to
imitating our natural
way of speaking and singing.
So try and practice that
along with the backing track.
See if you can vary the rhythm
in the melody that I taught you.
And that's gonna really help
us make this piece our own.
Let me demonstrate a few variations
from the bridge to the end.
So you get an idea of maybe the range of
a variety that you can throw in there.
So, here's from the bridge.
Yeah, so
if you learn the lyrics
to this song,
you can start to sing
it and get a feel for
how you might change
the rhythm vocally.
And that's what we're gonna wanna
draw on when we play it on the cello.