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Cello Lessons: Transposing: How to Change Keys

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Bluegrass is taught and
learned and played all by ear.
And what you'll notice is that actually,
different instruments prefer
different keys for certain tunes.
And so, for cello I'm trying to teach
you all the keys that are common for
fiddle, but Dobro, or guitar sometimes
if you play a tune with them,
they might know a different key for
the same tune.
So it's a good practice, and it's a really
great ear training exercise to start and
take some of the tunes that
you already know, and try and
transpose them to a new key.
So let's take Whiskey Before Breakfast,
we learned it in D, but
I've got a backing track for
you of this tune in C major, and
I want you to figure out all the same
melodic notes in another key.
I'll demonstrate the A section, but
I'll leave the B section to you.
In the key of D, Whiskey Before Breakfast,
just starts with a D major scale.
So, if we wanted to transpose that to C,
we would just start the same interval,
pattern from C.
So, we'll just take each of
these sort of patterns, all the phrases,
and we'll just take them down
a step in order to play in C.
In C, that would sound like this.
[SOUND] So the only things to keep in mind
is you obviously wanna keep the shape the
same, but think about the key signature.
What are the notes that are different
in C, than they are in D?
We've got F naturals,
instead of F sharps, and
we've also got C naturals,
instead of C sharps.
So those are the important notes to keep
in mind, to make sure you're staying in C.
I'm gonna play the A section of Whiskey
Before Breakfast in the key of C for
you, just so you see it in context.
But I want you to figure out
the notes of the B section,
and send me a video submission of you
playing this tune in the key of C,
but I'll show you the A section.