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Cello Lessons: “Blue Monk”

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Blue Monk, one of the most
common jammed on blues in Jazz.
B flat blues, it's a great key for
wind players.
It's okay for cellists.
So, it's a good blues for us to learn.
It's written by Thelonious Monk.
Who is a weird figure in jazz.
He kind of really perfected
this almost unvirtuosic,
awkward approach to improvising and
writing melodies.
And this is a quirky little melody.
It's got a lot of chromatic notes.
Full of little
chromatic licks there.
So we're gonna work on
involving more chromatics into
our solo in the next video.
The one thing I want tell you,
though, is because this is the blues
The blues is really
about four bar phrases.
We talked about C Jam Blues, and
we went into the foundation of
what makes the blues, the blues.
That was in the beginner curriculum,
so do check out the C Jam Blues
videos before you embark
on learning Blue Monk.
Cuz they're gonna lay a lot
of groundwork for this.
But, I want you to really think about
improvising in four bar phrases as you
start to play around with this tune.