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Cello Lessons: “Now's the Time”

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Now's The Time is a great
standard blues by Charlie Bird Parker.
And the jazz blues chord progression is
gonna be a little bit more complicated
than the simple blues chord
progression we learned In Blue Monk.
And so there's gonna be some added chords,
particularly some added two fives.
Every time you have a five chord, you can
add a two to that five, and beyond that.
No matter what chord you have,
you can always prepare it with a two five.
You'll see a lot more chords
written in the chart for this tune.
But it's still,
at its essence, a blues tune.
I want you to learn these chords,
and get to know them really well
through the arpeggios, and
chord scales, and and guide tones.
And all of the techniques
we have been developing.
Learn this new jazz
blues chord progression.
And the Now is the Time head is gonna
set you up for some great soloing.
I can't wait to hear you play
the jazz blues, nows the time.