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Cello Lessons: “Billie's Bounce”

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Billie's Bounce is going
to get us into playing some bebop
lines by Charlie Parker Byrd.
After you learn the melody for Billie's
Bounce, it might take a little while.
It's a little gnarly, and
there's a lot of fast notes.
But after you learn the melody,
we definitely wanna practice improvising
over this chord progression.
In the performance video,
I played it on a slightly faster backing
track than I played the other F blues at.
But I also want you to transcribe,
Charlie Parker's solo from
his recording of this tune.
When you have a famous tune like
Billie's Bounce recorded by the person who
wrote it, that solo becomes critical
to everybody's image of this tune.
And so if you wanna hang on
Billie's Bounce, you're gonna wanna
transcribe Charlie Parker's solo
that he plays on the recording.
So that's gonna be the long term
assignment for Billy's Bounce,
cuz that's really gonna be
the best way that we start to
learn the bebop language
on the jazz blues.
First, just start by learning
the melody and improvising.
You can send me a performance video
just with the melody and some jamming.
But after that,
we're gonna look to Charlie Parker's solo,
specifically on Billy's Bounce.