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Cello Lessons: Submit a Video: Jazz Tune

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matter where you are in
the jazz curriculum,
you might have a tune that you're
really interested in learning, and
I wanna help you learn that tune and
figure out the melody and improvise.
So If you have a tune you want to learn,
let me know and
we'll find the right way to work it into
your development as a jazz musician.
I've got a list of recommended
tunes as a PDF download.
They're divided by different categories.
There's blues tunes, standards, Latin
tunes, and even some rhythm changes tunes.
So you can sort of know what are the kinds
of tunes that maybe you're already able
to play, okay?
So keep listening to jazz,
keep checking out new tunes.
And even if there's a tune
not in our curriculum,
I'd still love to hear you play it and
help you with your jazz musicianship.