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Cello Lessons: Submit a Video: Advanced Classical Piece

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So listen, there's a lot of really,
really difficult advanced classical music.
We just touched the surface
with the Ligeti Sonata.
After we do a number of exchanges on this
piece and you've gone through all of
the advanced technique videos,
we could really go anywhere.
I spent many, many years and
tens of thousands of dollars
learning how to play classical music at
the Cleveland Institute of Music, and
the Julliard School of Music.
And there's just so much I would love
to share, if you have a passion for
classical music, and
there's some really difficult concertos or
sonatas or solo pieces that
you're interested in learning,
I'm really hopeful that I can help you and
that we can work on them together.
Not all advanced music is
from the 20th century.
So don't worry.
There's some really beautiful, beautiful
stuff from the Romantic period and
the classical period, Haydn concertos,
Brahms sonatas, Elgar concerto.
Let's explore
some advanced
classical repertoire
I've got a list of recommended
pieces as a PDF download.
But if there's something else
you're interested in, let me know.
And we can move on from there.