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Cello Lessons: Non-Classical Pizzicato: Compose a Piece

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Pizzicato, as I said before,
is actually a very
undeveloped cello technique.
So you really want to actually
find your own way into it.
It's a very physical feel based technique.
So, I want you to spend some
time exploring this stuff,
and the best way to start to feel
comfortable with these techniques is
to compose something using them.
I remember doing exactly this
when I was still in school and
I composed a solo pizzicato piece
called The Blue Danube in Budapest, and
it was actually it ended
up on my first album.
And, I'll play a little bit of it for you.
I won't play the whole thing, but
it shows a bunch of the techniques
that I'm teaching you, and it was
through writing this piece that I actually
developed the techniques originally.
And so you can take all the techniques
that the videos are addressing,
and see if there's ways
that you can combine them.
Here's one way that I did many,
many years ago in Blue Danube in Budapest.