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Cello Lessons: Singing While Playing: Thinking in Triads

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So, the harmonizing skills lesson
really worked on thinking of
two notes at the same time.
But we can expand that, and really start
to think of three notes simultaneously,
which is a really great ear training
skill that won't get developed
if you're just playing cello by itself.
So, I'll actually [SOUND] just
walk up the G major scale,
and I'm gonna sing the third
above [SOUND] the bottom note.
[SOUND] And I'm simply gonna play the
fifth on the cello, so it sound like this.
we get this beautiful nice full sound,
which if you haven't sung while playing,
you may have never experienced
this richness of sound emanating
from your own musicianship.
It's very satisfying.
So, let me walk up the scale and
you can hear what it sounds like.
I'm singing the third,
but I could also sing
the fifth [SOUND] and
do the same exercise.
Or sing
the roots.
Try that and
see if you can get
all the different
While you're singing start with the third,
it's definitely the easiest because you
can just bar most of
the fifths on the cello.
And then see if you can also
sing the fifth or the third,
eventually, you could explore
with singing the seventh,
so you've got like,
some nice jazzy chords.
Maybe I'll play the fifth on that cello,
[SOUND] and sing the seventh, like
anyway, this is just really an opportunity
for exploration on your own.
I don't have any like real routine for
it's just something that I've
really enjoyed exploring.
And in particular,
if you're ever in a band situation where
you have like one dressing room
with a couple other guys or
girls and you wanna have
the dressing room all to yourself.
I highly recommend improvising
non-functional harmonies while
singing triads with your cello.
That may sound like this.
Anyway, actually just
testing yourself, seeing if
you can track three notes at once,
and just picking different
triads after another.
It's a great ear training exercise.
And it's really gonna actually prepare
you amazingly well to start making
really great cello and
vocal arrangement of songs.
So that while you're singing,
like even just like a folk song like
like you can start to harmonize cello
lines with your voice.
And you wanna sort of have some
of this ground work played, so
you can hear those possibilities when
you're singing your other songs.
Do not send me a video submission of your
improvised triads singing with cello.
It's really just for
your own practice, and
I hope you enjoy seeing what kinda
sounds you can come up with.