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Mandolin Lessons: Build Your Own Exercise

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now I'm going to talk about building your
own exercises.
One of the things I do, and I've, I've
really watched some of the great players.
Been around some of my favorite musicians
and seen them to do this.
Is to take a melody you're trying to learn
now if there is a hard part that's giving
you some trouble, really zero in on that.
And usually, you can zero it down to like
two or
three notes that are the problem areas.
And then to create your own video here on
No, we're creating our own video right
Create your own exercise.
That deals with that problem.
It's usually some physical problem in the
way the hands are coming off of the notes,
or the, the right hand is, is getting
tripped up, making the string crossing.
So if we look at a tune like Liberty, you
We have those fast notes there.
Then maybe it's these
notes that are giving you the trouble.
So you zero down to just that,
and you spin it into a little cycle.
then maybe you bring it over to the other
strings just for fun.
To the A string, and
then over to the D string.
And this really works that exercise in
a bunch of different places on the, on the
And it makes your hand move across, cross
all four strings.
Then when you go back to it.
It's not so scary.
There comes that riff, you know.
And you've already kinda, kinda worked it
into a, to an exercise.
Then what you can do is take it.
And open it up.
So now this high note you can bring up a
All right?
Or you can go up even to the fifth fret
with the, the top note.
Then, all of a sudden it's got nothing to
do with Liberty, but
it's a beautiful exercise.
And it can even turn into a lick that you
might use in an improvisation some day.
And it's just a way of breaking these
things down into smaller chunks
that are that are manageable.
And I hope this helps you just develop
that dexterity that we're looking for.