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Mandolin Lessons: Sitting on Top of the World

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One, two, three.
Here's a little Sitting on Top of the
World that we have a backing track
for you.
And I'm gonna play a little bit, play the
melody first, and
then I'll do some improvisation for you.
Just to give you an idea.
And then this is one that I want you to
play over.
The only request I'll make though, of
is that you actually have the blues before
sending in this video.
Very important.
And you know, I will know whether it's
true or not.
Let's have that little guitar.
>> Two,
>> Alright.
Now, for those of you who want a little
extra spice in this tune, I'm gonna show
you a diminished chord.
You guys know diminished chord yet?
It's very simple.
It's that sound.
It's the I'll save you sweet Nell.
Don't worry!
So I love this position.
It's 3rd fret, 2nd fret, 4th fret.
B flat E and C sharp.
And the beautiful thing about diminished
chords is if you bring it
up 3 frets to the 6th fret.
6, 5, 7, it's the same chord.
And then you bring it up again to 9, 8 and
10, and it's the same chord.
You can even go up to 12, 11, 13.
So we've all heard that sound.
So I'm gonna work this into Sitting on Top
of the World.
It goes right after the 4 chord.
That's where she appears.
your backing track with this, but that's a
variation you can do.
That's a beautiful thing about diminished
chords is there's only three of them.
You got this one.
And it repeats, right, every 3rd fret.
And then you got the next one, a half step
Then you got the next one.
And then, guess what?
You're back at the one you started with.
So, very simple chord, there's only three.
I used that shape.
If you wanna get the 4th string in, you
can add the high G to that chord.
It looks like a star shape, but
oftentimes I just pay it with the bottom 3
Good luck.