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Mandolin Lessons: Introduction to Advanced Mandolin

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Welcome to the advanced level of mandolin.
It's nice to have you here, but I want to
make sure that you're really ready for
this cause we're gonna step it up now and
things are gonna start getting a little
bit hairy.
And if you're like most mandolin players,
like myself,
if you're hit a plateau you wanna really
know where you're at.
And before you can progress, sometimes
it's good to go all the way back
to the basics and work yourself through
some of those fundamentals.
I myself find myself doing the same and
checking up on, oh gee, how is that
How is that pick angle?
How is, how am I doing with those string
And so before you progress,
please make sure you've worked through all
the material.
We've gone through great pains to have it
be very systematic and
march you right, step by step into each
new concept as we go.
So if you're unclear as to whether you're
ready for this level,
please send a placement video in under the
submit video tab and
we will figure out exactly where you need
to be.