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Mandolin Lessons: Playing Out of Closed Position

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at this point you might be wondering what
is Skip to My Lou doing in this
advanced video.
Well, we're gonna do it in B-flat and
as David Grisman once said, hey man, it's
all hard.
Especially the easy stuff.
And he was right.
[LAUGH] In B-flat, and we're just gonna
play the melody nice and slow, and
we're gonna work out of all these closed
positions that I just hipped you to.
So let's have that rhythm track.
I'll show you how I would play this.
I'm gonna add a lot of extra ornamentation
and things too, for you advanced players.
>> A one, two, three, four.
>> Do you get the idea there?
I'm playing out of this B-flat.
I'm even going up to the second
finger D and the pinky on the F.
So I've gone beyond the octave now.
And the melody's coming off of the D which
is the third of that.
Now I'm
on an F7 chord playing out of that nice
little F7 arpeggio.
Everybody remember how to do those trills?
It's just
a pull down on the D, up on the E flat.
Pull it back to the D.
And down on the C.
All right?
We're going to, one of the best lessons I
ever had was from a classical violinist.
I went to study from her after I had just
been playing violin for maybe a year.
I knew a couple of fiddle tunes and she
said oh,
you have a beautiful bow arm, and, and I
love what you're doing.
Have you ever thought of playing that same
tune in a different key up the neck?
And this sort of light bulb went off.
And all of a sudden I was facing all these
issues of God,
how do I use my little finger?
How do I do this?
How do I do that?
But it really taught me about the whole
I started doing that.
Just moving tunes to different keys.
Not that you'd ever perform them there.
But it's a wonderful way to practice
playing in other keys,
without it just being a kind of academic
It has, actually has musicality to it.
And again, this is gonna lead us towards
improvising more freely in all keys.
And eventually you get to the place where
you're playing swing and jazz, and
these, these flat keys will be called
So we're gonna do the same thing with
Golden Slippers.
You all probably remember Golden Slippers.
The key of G.
Now we're gonna bring it up to the key
of B-flat.
Out of that same,
out of that same closed position B-flat.
So let's have the rhythm guitar here.
>> One, two, three.
>> Okay.
So it goes to on the bridge.
Goes to E-flat, right?
The four chord.
So I'm playing out of that kinda bluegrass
chop chord E-flat.
then back to this F7.
Back to the B flat.
I harmonize that.
So I'd love you to send me a version of
one of those two tunes, either Skip to
My Lou or, or Golden Slippers in the key
of B-flat, closed position.