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Mandolin Lessons: Chief Sitting in the Rain

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All right.
We're going play Chief Sitting in the Rain
a tune I recorded on my first album on
Rounder Records.
It was Gator Strut was the album, and
I learned this tune from Mark O'Connor,
the great Texas fiddler.
And I'm pretty sure he probably learned it
from Benny Thomasson.
And it's a great tune.
It's got four parts though, so it's a,
it's tricky.
It's in the key of C.
It's got some trills.
It goes to C minor, then the fourth
section goes to G.
So you really get a workout here on the
I will play along with the guitar here one
time through and
then I'll, maybe I'll play the chords for
Here we go, Chief Sitting in the Rain.
>> Two, one, two, three, go.
>> C, F, G, C, F, G,
C, all that again.
C minor, D-flat, C minor, G, C minor.
Hold the C minor.
G, A, C, G.
Back to the top.
Okay, let me take you through some of
those sections, and help you figure out
some of that stuff.
Opening riff is a little tricky.
So once again it's that pull off.
Simply a down on the G, up on the A, pull
off to the G.
And down on the E.
Sounds a lot, it's sounds like it's a lot
more than it actually is.
So the trick is getting this G note and
C note to sound because they're right
across from each other.
There's nothing harder than a roll on a
mandolin or a fiddle.
But it's, you don't have to really roll.
You've got the open E to reposition
But right after the C,
you gotta get back to the G, so it's
really a roll in this direction.
Now if you've got big old fat
fingers like me, you just set it right in
the middle and you're good to go.
But most people will have to do a little
rotation there.
Outlining an F.
So again, knowing your arpeggios.
That's an F arpeggio.
So that's pretty much all there is to the
A section.
The B section goes to C-minor.
C-minor to B-flat, so here we are in C ma,
C minor.
B-flat, again working those arpeggios.
And again you've got to bar, and this is
So you gotta go from F to B-flat,
that's a roll.
Just practice doing
those two notes, and C minor,
there's your C minor scale, right?
You're in that zone for this section.
Then the, the C section just stays in C
It's go that pow-wow vibe.
And the melody is-
So again you're in, you're in C minor
Then you go to G and A and C.
So that's a little trill.
the hand doesn't stop going back and
I'm gonna get it right.
It's actually, it starts on an up
stroke and then you pull off from the C to
the B, and then there's a down on the A.
And that is down, up, pull.
So it's down, up pull, down.
It's actually, it's a double pull.
It's up on the C and pull all three of
And down on the G.
So really, my hand is just doing a down on
the B, and a down on the G.
And everything else is pulloffs.
So that's pretty much all four of the
sections for that tune,
Chief Sitting in the Rain.