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Mandolin Lessons: Final Finger Buster

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Here is one more finger buster for you
before we progress on.
I call this the crawl.
The concept here, is we look at all the
possibilities that your fingers can find
themselves in, from chromatic positions.
we're gonna basically open this thing up
one note at a time.
We're gonna bring the pinkie out one half
Then we're gonna bring the third
finger out, then we're gonna bring the
second finger out to meet those three,
Then we're gonna bring the pinkie out
again, and that kinda looks like an
A-minor, doesn't it?
Then we're gonna bring the third finger
out to meet the pink,
to meet the pinkie and that looks like a
major position, and
then we're gonna bring the pinkie out and
that's whole tone.
So we're kinda covering all the possible
positions, from chromatic,
to the pinkie being out, to the third
finger being out,
to the second finger, coming up to meet
Then comes the pinkie out again, then
comes the third finger out, and
then we're at whole tone, and of course we
do this on each of the pairs of strings.
All right?
And then we go to the A-string, same
thing, et cetera,
et cetera, and then we go to the E string.
So, I'll just do the, the low string for
Open with the pinky.
Open the third to meet it.
It's like a diminished position.
Open the second to meet those.
Open the pinkie, and
you've got a minor shape.
Then bring the third out, and you've got
a major shape, and then the pinkie out.
And it's a bear holding that thing down.
If you want, you can do it without holding
that down.
If you use the open string.
It's a little less tiring on the hand.
Do that on every string.
Now here's where you're gonna not like me.
We're going to go this way on the finger
We're playing alternate picks, down up,
down up.
Then we're going to throw the hand into
the other position, down, up, down, up.
Now, we're going to open the pinkie up.
Now we're gonna bring the third finger out
to meet the pinkie, in both positions.
Now we're gonna bring the second finger
over to meet up with those guys.
Now we're gonna throw the pinky out again.
we'll bring the third finger up to meet
that pinkie.
Now we throw the pinkie out one more
time and we're at this crazy whole tone
position and
it sorta gets you doing just about
everything you'd
ever wanna do on a mandolin and it sounds
lovely too.
I know, it's crazy.
Great for the right hand.
Back and forth always.
Then you can come back.