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Electric Bass Lessons: Arpeggio Speed Drills- Exercise 3 -NEW!

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now, you're starting to get an idea of how
valuable, these exercises are.
We've done the minor seven, or we've done
the major seven.
We've done the minor seven.
Get used to that sound.
You got this sound, [SOUND] you got this
And now, let's talk about the dominant
seventh, which is the regular major third.
So there's that sound.
That cool sound.
And again, when we, master just these
What happens is when we're soloing we can
use this information to now really
come up with some cool cool ideas and
again, remember we talked about
starting from above, going down, we're
starting from below working our way up.
So now, let's check out the, dominant
And we'll do that exercise, once again,
using the click track,
70 beats per minute, one note per beat.
Here we go.
One, two, three, four.
Okay, isn't that cool?
Now let's see what it sounds like doubled
Two notes per click.
Here we go.
One, two, three, four.
And what I recommend, is if, an exercise
is ever too fast for you, don't continue
on, just trying to play it fast.
Do it slowly, until you can make every
note speak and not, rush through any of
the notes until you have it sounding
perfect, and then speed it up.
So again, we learned the major seven, the
minor seven and
the dominant seven arpeggios.
And when we, use these in solos, you can
just imagine how cool it
sounds once we get them up to speed and
So, again, that was the, dominant seven