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Electric Bass Lessons: Right Hand Speed Drills: Exercise 3 -NEW!

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one of the advantages of using a plectrum,
is that you can,
you can actually, [SOUND] sweep across the
strings in both directions.
You can actually do it with your fingers
but it's more natural,
when I'm using the fleshy part of my
To just sweep, [SOUND] in the one
direction that, comes back toward me.
So, from high to low.
But going back, I have to pick each note.
So, I'm sweeping down.
I'm articulating changing
fingers on the way up.
So, with the click, it would sound like
One note per beat.
One, two, three, four.
I'll drop a level now.
So what you'll notice is that I, I
alternated, fingers sweeping down.
Used the first one, first time around, and
the second one, the second time around.
So you can come up with your own
But it's.
And once you're playing with speed,
then you'll, you'll figure out what works
best for you.