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Electric Bass Lessons: Playing with Feel -NEW!

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now we'd like to discuss a very important
one of the most important assets of a bass
player is your feel.
I don't care how many notes you know.
If you don't feel good to play with,
all of that is not gonna make any
difference at all.
So I'd like to just talk a little bit
about Feel.
And one of the most relevant areas of
that you can tell if a person feels good
or not is a shuffle type of feel.
Because that's a feel that can't really be
written and it can't really be described
but it's, it's one of those things where
it just has to be felt.
So in playing a shuffle there are many
ways to consider playing it and
the shuffle feel is basically an eighth
note feel but
it's just, it's just changed a little bit.
Some of the notes are shorter.
Then the other one, so a normal feels
But with a shuffle it's gonna be more.
what you'll notice as I'm playing, I'm
playing short, long, short, long.
there are a lot of different ways to play
a shuffle, and you can play long notes,
short notes, you can walk, but I wanna
just demonstrate what it sounds like.
If it does not
feel that great,
here's a, here's a shuffle keyboard and
I'll just demonstrate what it really
sounds like if you play,
for instance, all short notes.
>> One, two, three.
>> Okay, so, so that was obviously wrong,
it didn't feel great and my articulation
was playing just too short notes.
But now I'm going to try demonstrate that
same thing but by playing longer notes and
also switching up the feel by walking a
little bit
Single notes and then
Long short, long short, long short and
it goes something like this.
>> One, two, three.
So what you noticed is I switched it up.
I went from going.
On the same note to a walking pattern.
Or I can do the octave.
that's a little more interesting than
So you get the octave.
Add a couple
more notes.
And then I just sometimes I don't even
skip the note, I just walk it.
Mix it up.
So, when it comes to feel, you can't
really describe how to make it feel good.
You just have to do your best to make it
feel good.
So those are a couple of the tips I'm
giving you.
Long, short.
Jumping the octave.
And just walking.
So now it's your turn.
I'm gonna let you have a go at it and send
me some,
some of your feels of you walking the
blues and I look forward to hearing it.