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Electric Bass Lessons: Adding Flare

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So you're gonna find yourself,
on many occasions, where it's you and the
drummer and it's jam time.
And pick a key, any key, pick a style, any
But what I like to do, is mix it up a
little bit.
So, you noticed I started, just with a
little light picking.
And hey, there's that nail sound,
we talked about, earlier.
I grow my nails, so I can kinda use it as
a pick cuz.
Nothing too much funkier,
than when you really get a good pick
So when I hear the drummer, jamming like
And that's JR, John Robinson, by the way,
in the background.
It gives me a chance to just.
You know,
I don't have to start in with full guns
blazing, but just a little-
Kind of an upbeat.
Sort of almost, half reggae type feel.
So again, make it your own and then, a
little slipping and
sliding never hurt anybody.
You almost aren't even playing notes.
It's kinda like you're, you're a drummer
having, or like a kind of an African drum.
It's just, it's,
just the cool sound you get.
So it doesn't really matter.
here's that trill again, that we, learned
You can either use the two fingers or-
And now, we do, the up and down trill-
Or the-
Two finger trill, but once again,
were kind of like, it's, it's a little bit
of target practice where we kind of not,
aiming for notes as much as we are the
And that's
always just a little something different
from, from what they normally hear.
So, it's nice to, you know, just-
Use, use the instrument as a percussion
So that's a lot of fun.
And then, of course, everybody has their
own version of a slap.
And a hammer on.
Another way to do the trill.
when you're jamming, you know, you just
wanna have as much [SOUND] kind of grease
and fun so I do a little vibrato on that
And then-
That's always fun, just a little trill.
And then, I like slipping and sliding
around the bass to just-
And there you have it.
So, again, start with a drum pattern or a
drummer or your favorite drummer.
And start playing along and see what you
can come up with.