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Electric Bass Lessons: Tears in Heaven

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lots of times, I'm trying to figure out
actually how to arrange a song.
Especially some pop songs that instead of
just playing bass,
I could again make more of a chord melody
at it.
One of the songs that I really love that I
did play on the original record is
the Eric Clapton classic Tears in Heaven.
And it's such a lyrical piece, again this
is in the key of A major,
so I want to invite you to go over again
the tenths
[INAUDIBLE] that will be the basis for our
And I'll just see what I can come up with,
I haven't really preplanned or
rehearsed any arrangement but I do love
playing chord melodies on the bass.
So the first thing I'm going to do is warm
up on the A major scale using the tenths.
And again, going over the tenth is just
the third of an octave.
So if we counted, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
That's how we arrive at a ten.
So, remember that scale we practiced?
And the reason I like to practice those
scales is, it's a musical exercise and
already it gave me an idea for
some of the chords I could use for the
Tears in Heaven piece where it.
That's basically just coming
down the scale, so we have.
I changed this note
So far we're using all the notes the same
notes that we used in our scale of tenths.
Now we're back at the top.
And again I can change that
progression to go.
So many different ways around.
So as I'm arranging it I'm trying to come
up with maybe a couple of little different
twists and turn that you haven't really
heard on the original record and
I'm still learning.
That's a minor 7 arpeggio.
So I'd like you
to take a shot at coming up with an
arrangement for either that or
one of your favorite songs, chord melody
for the bass.
So here's Tears in Heaven, and keep in
mind that if you,
have a singer, then this works equally as
well as if you don't, so
we're kind of, trying to play a chord
melody at the same time.
Keeping the bass and the bottom notes in
there so it, it,
it keeps, it keeps you on your toes for
[SOUND] We'll use, click at 65 beats per
Here we go.
[SOUND] One, two, three, four.