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Electric Bass Lessons: Right Hand Warmups

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So we'll talk about warming up, specially
just getting the strings warm and
a lot of people ask you that, how do you
keep your hands from getting stiff.
A little bit you know, just tired so what
I like to do
is actually warm the hands up, by rubbing
them together a little bit.
And then give 'em a good shake.
And that just kind of gets your hands
As far as the right hand is concerned,
place it on the bass, so
that I kind of let, my fingers be my eyes,
and they could kind of feel where all
the strings are kind of get a feeling and
I just hit the strings.
And then, I, I practice, I use two finger
So what I do, is practice first, just
alternating fingers.
Starting with the first finger.
And one of the things I do
practicing anything, is I always start
slowly and speed up from there.
It's, it's great that everybody wants to
play fast.
And nothing wrong with that.
But if you start slow, you'll train your
hands to play evenly.
So basically, it takes, it takes a while
and it's, might seem boring, but to play
the notes as evenly as you can.
Start out with just the two fingers
Playing 8 notes
Now if you wanna
speed that up a little just slowly speed
it up.
when that feels comfortably, you can speed
it up a little more.
you wanna try to make it as even as
Shake it out again,
cuz that gets you tired.
That's warming up the fingers, so then
[COUGH] pretty soon,
now you can start to do that on all the
Try to keep it even.
Again start slowly if that's, if it's not
Now that was starting with the finger, and
then to keep it balanced, start with the
second finger.
So, what you, what you do is keep
everything in, in balance with itself,
By doing it, starting with
the first finger.
And starting with the second finger.
That way when you
are playing everything is gonna be even.
And now another that I do is jump the
So, I have the G, the high octave.
Start slow.
Then alternate.
Start with the high string and
go high to low.
So that you're using all your muscles.
And everything is even,
this is how you develop your muscles.
So, again, I urge you, don't try to start
don't try to play fast, start slowly.
And evenly.
So again, create your own exercises,
and give yourself, it's almost like, push
ups, or jumping jacks.
again, if it doesn't sound easy, even to
Then you want to do it slowly.
So what I'd love for you to do is,
make up some exercises of your own, and
send them to me.
So that I can hear what kind of exercises
that you're doing to warm
up the right hand.