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Electric Bass Lessons: Note Lengths

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let's talk about note lengths, dynamics,
and a couple things that go along with
playing, once you learn where all the
notes are.
And later, you'll see in some of the
some of the tracks that we're playing to,
you'll see these techniques used.
But, when you play a note,
you can either play it loud, soft, or
And there's many choices of,
of what kind of dynamics you're gonna be
using throughout music.
Also, the note length is very important.
Is it gonna be a long note?
Or is it just gonna be short and, and so
we're calculating all these things at the
same time when we're playing music and
figuring out little rules.
Most of the time, when I'm playing in
popular music and
there's a singer there, when you get to
the verse.
It always comes down to dynamics,
regardless of what's going on.
The chorus is usually a lot stronger, but
when you get to the verse, make sure you
come back down, bring it down so
that people can hear what, what the
singer's saying.
And the other thing is just make your
choices based on
what's going on around you.
If you're gonna, if you're playing a part,
for instance that goes.
We've heard that kind of line.
So, sometimes I have to make the decision,
is it gonna be, is it gonna be.
Same exact rhythm.
But the length of the note is short.
As opposed to long, that would sound like.
It's gonna make the song sound completely
Whether it's this, or this.
And those are the kind of
decision that I'm making all the time.
Every song I play.
I'm trying to figure out, is this going to
be a short note, a long note?
Is it gonna be loud, soft, medium, piano
forte, mezzo forte?
And, and that's what music's all about,
listening and
determining how, how we're gonna approach
it from the bottom end.
[COUGH] So this is just, again.
Talking about the note length
Either long, short, or
somewhere in between.
Notice, I'm hitting it just to
deaden it on the right hand.
So you see, that's three different
ways to play a very simple bass line.