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Electric Bass Lessons: Chord Progressions: 1-6-2-5

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Okay, so now we've talked about 1, 4, 5,
and we'll get into another really
fundamental progression in, in pop music.
And this, once you hear this progression
you're gonna say oh, I've heard so
many songs with that same progression.
It was the doo wops of the 50's and 60's,
this particular progression is the
So again, if we're in the key of A, the
one would be the A,
the fifth would be the E, the sixth would
be the F-Sharp.
The two would be the B, and the five the
So when you hear 1-6-2-5, you'll get that
progression in your mind.
And if I were in Nashville and they were
giving me a chart,
it would actually look like one, six,
minor, two minor, and five.
So, you'll get used to all those major and
minors, but
this is the 1-6-2-5 progression, very
simple version, and it goes like this.
Three, four.
Here's the one,
the six, two.
One, six, F-Sharp minor, B-Minor, and then
Okay, so we've heard that progression over
and over again.
So now what I'd like to do is play that
progression again, but just add a few
notes and
make it a little more musical.
Something like this.
So that was adding a little more motion to
it, giving it a little more movement.
And if I were really to, to make it my own
and, and
try to create a a more involved bass line,
it would sound something like this.
So obviously based on what's going on on
top, will determine what we play, how
simple or how complicated we get, but.
There's a lot of good tricks that we can
use like for
instance just getting into the song if
an a we start with the little pick up like
that or.
You know, many ways to arrive but the same
note, but now for
instance If I did it in C.
That's the key of C, the key of G for
And you'll notice I change it from a
shuffle to more of a funk, funky version.
So now that you've learned the 1-6-2-5
I'm gonna give you the opportunity to send
me a video of you playing that
progression to this back and track.
It's in the key of A, and
again check out some of the other videos,
see what people coming up with.
And I would love to see what you could
come up with for
that progression that we've heard so many
Now be creative.
Keep it interesting.
I can't wait to check it out.
Three, four.
Here's the one.
The six, two.
One, six, f sharp minor.
B minor and the E.
Three, four.
There's the one, the six, two.
One, six.
F sharp minor, D minor, and the E.