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Electric Bass Lessons: Chord Progressions: 3-6-2-5

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we're gonna talk about the 3-6-2-5 chord
So in the Key of A, the three would be-
C-Sharp and we'll, we'll do three minor.
Six will be the F-Sharp and
we'll do the F-Sharp minor as well.
Two will be the B,
B minor and [SOUND] E will be the E7.
So when you hear 3-6-2-5, they sometimes
call them,
refer to those changes as ice cream
And they go around and again, this is a
pattern that goes around in a cycle and
you don't really get out of it.
You kinda just stay there until you come
up with an ending.
But it sounds like.
again it's gonna be in fourths on the
So if we kept it going it could go.
that's the 3-6-2-5 progression and you can
get that in your ear.
I'll demonstrate it sounds something like
So we know we're in the key of A, and
it sounds like we're gonna end on A but
that's kind of a way to just keep it going
around, that a lot of times they vamp on
3-6-2-5s and then somebody will solo, or
the singer will make up some lines there.
That's the 3-6-2-5.
If I were gonna do a little more advanced
bass line for that,
it would sound like this.
A little more walking.
And again, if I were gonna outline
the chords and deal a little more of a
approach to that, it would sound like
So that's just outlining the changes using
So now,
it's your turn to play through those
changes and
send me a video that I can check out, and
I'll get back to you on how it sounds.