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Electric Bass Lessons: Band Stand Rock

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So as a bass player,
you're going to find yourself in many,
many different types of situations.
And one of the situations you may find
yourself in is on a bandstand,
with a rock and roll band with horns.
And again, I like playing in all different
types of situations,
and there's lots of different choices,
especially when you have horns and
more players on the bandstand.
So what I'd like to do now is listen to an
example of a song.
This is a basic blues shuffle in B flat.
And first what we're going to do is just
listen to it.
And as we're listening I'm gonna try to
determine what I would play under this as
again there's many choices that, options
that I have available to me.
So right now I'd like to just listen and
see, check out the song and
see what I'm gonna play.
Okay, so that sounds pretty exciting.
So the bass position is gonna be very
important in that song.
And the first thing that comes to mind as,
as I listen to the guitar is, he's kind of
playing the.
that would probably be my first approach.
Just a simple stay on the, stay on the
Now I could either do it as
a quarter note.
Driving pulse that would sound like this.
And I might try that, that might work.
And I can try the shuffle feel again.
And so those will be the first
I'll take a crack at it, and that will be
the first approach that I use.
And it would go like this.
Okay, so that's one approach.
Using the simple straight.
Now I'm going to try and
vary that approach and maybe try a little
And let's see which one we like better.
Here we go.
Okay, so I'm not really sure which one I
liked better or, which one I would use,
but I would probably do the verses with
Stay on the same note.
And when I get to the choruses.
just for fun, let's just see what that
sounds like.
Simple verse.
Every now and then I catch the horns.
Now watch.
like that.
So, that was my approach to the bandstand
rock and roll song.
And, I'd like you to try one now.
Just send it to me.
And again, before sending it in,
check out some of the video exchanges with
the other students and
I can't wait to hear what you come up