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Electric Bass Lessons: Slow Blues (Beginner)

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we're gonna talk a little bit about
playing the Blues,
now the one amazing thing about, the Blues
genre is that,
you can hear fragments of the Blues in
just about every type of music.
I mean it covers, jazz has borrowed from
the Blues, as well as rock and roll.
And many styles incorporate the Blues
especially the chord progressions.
And I strongly advise that you really
check out some of the original
founders of the Blues people like Robert
Johnson,and check out the music of
people like B.B. King and Buddy Guy, Muddy
Waters who really
were, were the creators of this great
music style.
That you know, based on based on the
sadness and,
and a lot of the things that they had to
go through in the South here in America.
It really created a style that everybody
borrowed from.
The British players were listening.
I know Eric Clapton.
Listened to the Blues and, and wanted to
play and emulate a lot of
the American Blues players, and we've done
recordings together that do tributes to
Robert Johnson and, and we've played
together with Buddy Guy and B.B.
King and these great, great Blues artists
and, for me, it's
important that you learn the Blues style
when you're playing the bass because.
It's from that style,
you'll be able to translate that to a lot
of your other styles of playing.
And for instance,
when I know a Blues progression, that is a
language that anywhere
in the world that we play with all I have
to do is say, let's play the Blues.
And all they have to call is the key.
We know the form and in general it'll,
it'll just allow you to play
a lot of songs just by knowing how to play
the Blues.
So, I want you to focus on, at this part
of the lesson,
I want you to just think in terms of
studying the Blues and the great
players and finding out as much as you can
about this great style of music.
I had a few friends of mine come in and
join us.
And we're gonna give you a couple of
examples of different Blues.
We're gonna play a Slow Blues in C.
And I'm gonna start out really simply, so
that you can hear that you don't have to
do much and much movement.
But you can really jump in there and get a
great handle on.
On what playing the Blues is.
And also this style, you know,
a lot of Blues are sung, but we're gonna
be playing Instrumental Blues today.
So the guitar is gonna basically take over
the role of the melody and the solo.
And I'm gonna be accompanying the guitar.
And I had two of my dear friends, some of
the greatest.
Recorded, most recorded musicians from Los
Angeles come up and
join us on drums the great John Robinson,
we call him JR and
it's the great Michael Thompson, we call
him MT playing guitar with us today.
So we're gonna give you an example of a
slow, the Blues in C.
And what I'm gonna do on the bass is just
basically start with half notes.
[SOUND] You know,
to just.
Play a nice, round simple bed for what's
gonna, what I am hearing above me.
And you'll notice that it doesn't get much
more busy than that, but
so if you play along or just check out
what we're playing, you'll notice that,
it is very easy, very simple.
But to the point and getting the message
So check out a slow Blues and see with me
my friends John Robertson and Mike
Thompson, here we go.