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Electric Bass Lessons: Blues Shuffle (Beginner)

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So as we speed up the tempo for
this Blues, it's gonna, we're gonna give
it more of a shuffle.
And the shuffle I think was more
associated with the, more energetic,
and dance, actually dancing to the
When we think of some of the 50s
Rockabilly sound and
Carl Perkins, some early Elvis Presley.
Maybe a little later, Stevie Ray Vaughn.
We have the, the shuffle style of Blues.
And we're gonna play one in the key of E.
And, it's a little faster, and a little
associated with dancing and up beat
we're gonna just, rock it very simply,
just playing a quarter note every 2 beats,
not gonna walk it, just gonna
I keep the most simple version of it, and
again listening to what's going on around
me, listening to the chords and
if there's a possibility to substitute a
couple of the change in there,
I may stick some of those in there but,
check out this is, me, Michael.
And JR playing the Blues Shuffle in E.
So now I'd like to invite you to step into
my shoes and play with JR and MT, Blues
and E, Shuffle, up tempo,
and you can select either one of the
versions that we recorded.
We recorded a very simple one.
Then a more immediate, intermediate one
then sort of advanced where I'm really
trying to drive the car.
So I'd like to invite you to sit in my
play with these great guys and I'd love to
hear what you do.
Again, check out some of the other video
exchanges and
see what the other students have done.
Send me the video and I'll get back to you
with some feedback.
Don't take my job away from me, though.