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Electric Bass Lessons: Slow Reggae (Beginner)

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I talk, I like to talk about a style of
music from the late 60s that
came out of the Island of Jamaica and this
is reggae.
And most people know reggae music and it
became famous by Bob Marley.
So if you want to really learn some good
reggae lines,
check out some Bob Marley records and
early on,
what happened was the guitarist would play
this off beat
rhythm known as the Skank, they called it,
and it was kind of like so if you had.
one, two, three, four.
So I think that left room for the bass to
kind of play on the beat and
do this arpeggiated type of line.
So for instance in the G minor shuffle it
would sound like
So you have the off beat at the guitar and
then you have the bass kind of on the beat
playing arpeggios, and then the drummer's
keeping the time.
Very, very cool style of music and we'd
like to play for
you now a medium tempo blues in the key of
G minor.
Check out the skips and the bounces in the
base line.
It kind of outlines the chords.
And this actually uses the blues form.
So again, the blues form is tied into
another style of music, and
listen to the way the bass occupies its
own space, and falls between the notes of,
between the guitar and the drums very
repetitive lines.
The bass players used a lot of times of,
they find a line and
they'll just stay on that line for the
whole song.
Never change and partly is because maybe
that's all,
the only line they know how to play, but
at the same time, you get this
deep hypnotic sense going on that by the
time you get to the end of song,
people are just hypnotized to this, this
infectious type of groove.
And I've been in the islands while the
reggae music came on and,
and you're sitting there having a
conversation, next thing you know,
people jump up to the dance floor because
there's just something very,
very seductive about the feel of this.
So check out this G-minor blues reggae
So now that you completely know how to
play reggae music, I'd like to invite you
to send me a video.
It's your turn to listen to the backing
tracks, select anyone that you
want to select and if you want to listen
to some of my lines to get some ideas but
more importantly, let me hear some of your
Be sure to check out the other students'
video exchanges with me and
send me your video and I'll take a listen
and get right back to you with
some feedback, so I can't wait to hear
what you come up with.
The reggae man.