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Electric Bass Lessons: R&B (Beginner)

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as a bass player, you wanna learn as many
styles of music as possible,
and we're gonna, just talk a little bit
about R&B music or rhythm and
blues, originating way back in the 40's.
And actually this, I mean, any one of
these styles that we're talking about can
be a complete study, at artist's works and
R&B is no different.
There's so many great artists, it actually
is a hybrid style that includes the blues,
gospel, soul, and, and, and many different
types of music.
But, in the urban neighborhoods of
America, it started getting very popular
in the 1950's, and with people like Fats
Domino, Little Richard,
and the 60's great, great singer Sam
Cooke, Chubby Checker and.
And then of course, in Detroit, the Motor
City Barry Gordie
introduced many artists through his record
labe, label Motown, and
that's where you heard the Temptations and
Smokie Robinson, and Gladys Knight and
the Pips, and then in the Memphis, Stacked
Circles, Carla Thomas, Otis Thomas.
And so, many areas started to get their
own version of R&B, but
this was a music that was definitely
geared toward the neighborhoods and
the record companies, were enjoying the
success of R&B music,
then James Brown came along, and so many
Some of these artists it, it would be
great if you could study
their records because the bass parts on
them are really, really great and,
we like to do a little R&B number in the
key of F, F Major.
And this is gonna be a very, very simple
version of an R & B bass line.
I mean it's, it's like is about as simple
as it gets.
This song is, is, is a happy feeling song
the bass line is, is simply, on one and
three, so three, four.
With a little skip on beat three.
you'll notice the guitarist playing around
on the up beats, and
the drummer is keeping the time.
And again, the bass is acting as an anchor
in this.
But, check it out, this is in the key of
I'm keeping the notes short, and
funky so that they, they speak and there's
a lot of space.
So this is, our first example, very
simple, of R&B.
Okay, so
there's a few different versions of R, B,
R&B bass lines for you to check out, and
I'd love to hear, what you can come up
with, what your soul has to offer.
And again, check out some of the other
video exchanges that I'd done,
with some of the other students, make me a
video and I'll, check it out.
Now you can use, any one of those
versions, just click on that, and
you'll be playing with the great J.R.
Robinson and M.T., Michael Thompson.
So, I can't wait to hear what you come up