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Electric Bass Lessons: Creating Your First Bass Lines

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so you got your new bass in your hands.
And you've studied up.
And now you're about to create your first
bass lines.
So what's it gonna be?
Or what are you thinkin' about, what, what
notes are you gonna play?
How are you gonna play them?
Now, it's like the joke, about the bass
player that didn't show up for
his second bass lesson.
Cuz he already had a gig.
Meaning, the bass is pretty easy.
Most, most bass lines, if, if you were
just gonna start with
So you're just rocking between octaves.
And that's something that instead of you,
you could just play
And that would just kind of make
it a little more interesting than rock
between octaves.
Now we might.
so many options available, but one of the
general kind of starting points
that people know the bass for is just
rocking between the root and the fifth.
So, we get accused of only knowing those
That's why we learn all the notes on the
bass, but, and in actuality that,
that's what we do a lot.
So we're in the key of E.
And the fifth being the B.
So it's gonna be a lot of
Rocking back and forth.
Country music, is, you get a lot of that.
But even, in, more, you know, soul
whatever, we end up going
The root, and the fifth.
And a lot of lines.
Are based on the root and the fifth.
So I guess what we're saying that if you
have those two notes down,
you're already on your way to creating a
great bass part.