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Electric Bass Lessons: Advanced Blues

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So we are talking about playing the blues.
And this is an emotional music.
It's, it's like your heart is connected to
every single note.
And in this version that I'm playing with
the guys, you're gonna hear,
not only the walking, driving, pulsating
bass line that mimics the drum beat.
you're going to hear, me communicating
with Michael Thompson.
He actually came up with a, with a lick
that he played.
And I thought okay, now the both, the two
of us could play that lick together, and
that, that would be sort of like the head
to the, the blues.
The lick is basically the pentatonic
using the five notes in the pentatonic
in the key of c, we're using
and I'm combining that melody line,
with the pulsating bass.
So what we have is a combination of,
of all the elements that I'm using to play
The blues with the guys, and again, when
you're playing with a band,
it's all about listening and
You're not just in your little world
playing, but you came to practice, but
you're communicating and responding to
what they're playing, and
in turn they respond to what you're
playing, so
I can't emphasize enough how important
listening is.
Another thing that I do.
Is use the double-stops that we talked
about and some of the chord progressions
to move from the one chord to the four
chord, so I'm in the key of C.
And on the way to the F,
I'm gonna use, I am gonna use a little
moving that I used as a double stops.
So I am, I am leading the ear with this,
this little moving.
So, I'm combining that.
Again you'll hear the notes in the
panatonic scale, which that's one
scale if you know then you can
automatically play the blues.
So you'll hear those notes and you'll also
hear a couple of substitutions.
When I go to the five chord...
From five to four to one.
Few of the times I'm using the
substituting the sixth chord for
the fourth chord, so I am going,
Again, just a little move that changes the
color and
complexion of the sound of the chord just
adds a little more emotion in there.
So the, the substitution is actually, the
four chord,
but starting on the third, using the third
in the bass.
So I know it sounds, a little bit
technical when you explain it,
but here is a version of it that you can
check out musically,
with me, Michael Thompson and John
Robinson playing Blues in C.
that you've heard that, at this point I'd
like to hear your approach to that same
version of the Blues in C.
Again, if you want to send me a video, I'd
suggest that you first
check out some of the other video
exchanges with the other students,
then make one that you can send to me.
Now use these backing tracks that have
John Robinson and Michael Thompson
playing, and you'll actually get to feel
what it's like to play with those guys.
It's amazing experience, and we have a lot
of fun together.
So, now I'd like to see your version of
Blues in C