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Electric Bass Lessons: Advanced R&B

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Okay now, in this version of this R&B jam,
I'm gonna take the bass, the bass line to
another level.
If you listen to it, it starts with a
statement using just whole notes.
It's kinda like a setup or an intro.
And although this line is a lot busier
than the other versions.
Between the drums and the guitar, I think
it's still is a memorable bass line.
And falls in the category of not being too
busy and
being a little bit better than just being
a simple boring line.
So, that's the challenge that faces us as
bass players all the time.
We want something that works with
everything that is going on around it.
It's supportive and fits.
We don't want it to be too busy but we
don't want it to be boring either.
So, we're always in a situation where we
you know, we have to come up with
something genius yet, you know,
stay out of the way of everybody but don't
be boring.
So, what I do is, is when the chord
changes I use the double stops,
I slide [SOUND] the slide in into the A
minor section.
From time to time I pick up the guitar
I'm always listening to see what he's
doing to see what I can grab.
And when I'm playing this version,
just what's going on in my head is trying
to be very musical.
You know, using the bass to, as a like
paint the music.
And tell a story.
And again, that's the balance that we, as
bass players, need to focus on.
Our job is to be supportive, but
the people that have mastered the
instrument definitely worked out how to,
call your attention to it without taking
attention away from the other instruments.
And those are all the choices that we have
to make.
So, check this out, you'll notice that
it's just a little bit different.
And here's the, new and
improved version of our jam in F with JR
and MT.
Here I go, one, two, three.
So, there's a few different versions of
R&B, R&B bass lines for you to check out,
and I'd love to hear what you can come up
with, or what your soul has to offer.
And again, check out some of the other
video exchanges that I've done with some
of the other students.
Make me a video and I'll check it out.
Now, you can use any one of those
Just click on that, and you'll be playing
with the great JR Robinson,
and MT, Michael Thompson.
So, I can't wait to hear what you come up