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Electric Bass Lessons: Advanced Funk

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so on this second funk tune the bass is
driving the song.
And the bass line basically becomes the
song's main hook and
this came in an era when you could tell,
I mean, you'd hear the bass line and you'd
know the name of the song instantly.
The bass players were, again, the big part
of the, part of the line-up.
Usually it was kind of like a repetitive
line that would just repeat over and over,
either one chord or the series of one or
three chords.
But it just sounds like everybody's having
a really, really good time.
And bands like Sheik, Earth, Wind and
Fire, the Gap Band, SOS Band, or
all the funk bands back in the day in the
70s that where, were known for their funk.
So in this tune I'll be doing, you know, a
little bit of slapping.
Which gives, you know,
definitely a little more percussive edge
to the, to the notes,
well you'll hear some slippin' and slidin'
in there and check it out.
I know I, I have some funksters out there.
And I know some of you got some funk to
lay on me.
So this is where I'm gonna invite you to
jam along with JR and
MT, and get some of your funk back to me.
Again, before you send it in,
check out some of the other video
exchanges with the other students.
But take a listen, if you hear any ideas
you wanna use,
otherwise send me some funk, I can't wait
to hear it.