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Electric Bass Lessons: Using Space and Simplicity

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a bass line doesn't have to have a lot of
notes in it to be great.
And, the primary function of us as bass
players is to make the listener feel
good, right?
So, it's not always about showing your
virtuosity as a bass player or being fast.
And, some of the players that I'm most
influenced by, the reason I love them so
much is because they just feel so good.
You know, it's not all about the notes and
the, the playing,
but the feel is incredible.
And, as an example, we're gonna play a
song and
you may recognize the bass player from
this song.
But, this is one of the guys that
influenced me the most,
he's a member of one of the greatest
And, let's just see if you can recognize
his style.
Study the way he uses space and crafts
the, the rifts that he does play.
And, it's all very much more felt than
And, this is a use of simplicity combined
with taste, feel, and
the lesson here is that sometimes less is
And, you'll notice in your own playing
that when you creating space,
it's actually the space between the notes
that becomes more important than the notes
themselves sometimes.
So, these are little small points, but
they distinguish great bass players from
just good bass players.
And, that's one of the things I wanna get
you to start thinking about is how can
I take, go from good to great.
So, for instance, we've heard some lines
that have a lot of movement, and
this particular line is very simple with
not so much movement.
So, it sounds like.
In other words, it's almost a, it coulda
been one single note.
So, he added.
Which is a small point,
but it was a decision and a choice.
all the bits in between were just kinda
part of the feel.
So, here it is.
Check it out.